Tenancy privancy collect notice

CAN Estate Agents Pty Ltd



The Primary Purpose:

The property managers at CAN Estate Agents collect your personal information to process your application and assess the risk in providing you with a lease of the premises you have requested. If the risk is considered acceptable, then to provide you with the lease that property.


To fulfill this procedure, and during the term of the lease, our office on occasion will disclose your personal information to:

The Landlord

The Landlord lawyers

The Landlords mortgagee

Referees you have nominated

Residential tenancies bond authority

Organizations, Trades people required to carry out maintenance to the premises

Victorian & Civil Administrative Tribunal/ Courts

Collection Agents

TICA, NTD ( VEDA) tenancy database.

Other Real Estate Agents or Landlords


Secondary Purpose:

We also collect your personal information to:


Enable us/landlord/landlord lawyer to prepare the lease documents for the premises

Allow organizations/trade people to contact you in relation to maintenance matters relating to the premises


Pay/transfer/claim your bond to/from Residential tenancies bond authority


Refer to Tribunal, Courts, and Statutory Authorities (where necessary)


Refer to collection Agents/lawyers (where Default/enforcement action is required)


Provide confirmation details for organizations Contacting us on your behalf, i.e. Banks, Utilities,(Gas, Water, Electricity, Phone) employers etc.


If your personal information is not provided to us, and you do not consent to the uses to which we put your personal information, we cannot properly assess the risk to our client, or carry out our duties as professional property managers. Consequently, we then cannot provide you with the lease of the premises.