Landlord from 2 Currajong St. Glenroy

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am writing this letter in relation to Sam Zhao.
I wish to personally congratulate him on his outstanding professional work. From the moment I heard
from Sam he has shown a real interest in ensuring the best service as a rental manager for my property.
Sam has shown an amazing ability to ensure that 2 Currajong St. Glenroy was rented out after it had
remained on the market for an extended period of time. Since his appearance the house was quickly
rented out. I wish to thank him for his excellent work. He was able to provide me with detailed
information about each applicant and followed through seriously with ALL my concerns. This is difficult
to find.
His overall manner in all stages dealing with me has also been very professional and intelligent. I thank
Sam for using good common sense in providing advice and management, something that is lacking with
many agents.
Overall I am very pleased to have met Sam Zhao and I feel very safe and confident whilst he is managing
my property.
Thank you Sam for your hard, dedicated and sincere work. It is very difficult to find therefore I do really
appreciate it.
All the best.
Landlord from 2 Currajong St. Glenroy